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We partner with small and pre-revenue businesses, along with the biggest names in the Food & Beverage and CPG industries. Regardless of the size of your operation, you can trust us to deliver expert insights and actionable processes to bring your product and business goals to life.

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“Tim Forrest was a gamechanger as far as giving DanO’s direction, we changed our mission statement and business plan. We are laser focused now, we went to Kroger and spent a couple of hours there right after our call. Today, we are in Kroger and experiencing big growth. Thank you Tim!”

Daniel Oliver
DanO’s Seasoning

“Tim’s expertise around every aspect of the food industry is unparalleled. Our work together has fueled growth for my company from its inception, and has exceeded projections every year.”

Lauryn Chun
Mother-In-Law’s Kimchi

​“Tim Forrest was our marketing consultant when we started discussing brand design and marketing strategy. He turned out to be the perfect person to help us get started. His vast knowledge of the food industry coupled with his creative talents made it easy for us to develop our identity and start out in the right direction.”

Jason Shaw
Founding Partner – Georgia Olive Farms

“With Tim’s help we have secured our long- and short-term goals. Before Tim, we were overwhelmed and badly in need of direction. Now, we know what to do and how to do it.”

Arron Geatches
Owner, Country Meats

“Tim has the ability to take an idea from the start to the finish line. He can zero in on the meat and potatoes of a concept, and his common sense approach is simply amazing.”

David Klein
Jelly Belly Creator

“Tim brings experience, quick thinking, and an ability to deliver effective, yet simple solutions. He understands urgency and critical timing issues, yet is also mindful of budgetary considerations.”

Steven Fox
Rosa’s Horchata

Learn From These Successful Food Entrepreneurs

Unleash exponential growth in your food business with Tim Forrest, the food consultant behind the scenes of multiple national brands. Experience the testimonial video where multi-million dollar clients reveal how Tim’s guidance led to more than 20,000 retail placements and unrivaled success. From answering questions to package development, sales training, and beyond, Tim’s expertise fuels transformation. Watch now and embark on a journey of food business triumph.

Case Studies

This start-up client went from an idea with zero revenue to over $5 million in sales and 70 employees. Dan-O’s was recognized for success by US Senator Rand Paul as part of the Congressional Record.

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