Master the Hiring Game with Industry Expert Tom Forquer

Unlock Explosive Growth: Master the Hiring Game with Industry Expert Tom Forquer


Navigating the hiring landscape can be a daunting task, especially for food brands aiming to disrupt the market. That’s why we sat down with Tom Forquer, a seasoned recruiter specializing in the food industry, to bring you game-changing hiring strategies. Watch the full video interview here for a deep dive into the hiring process, and continue reading for key takeaways and actionable tips.

Step No. Hiring Process Step Description
1 Define the Hiring Project Identify the need for a new hire and initiate the hiring project.
2 Create Job Essentials Develop job descriptions, salary ranges, and job announcements.
3 Develop Sourcing Strategy Determine the ideal candidate profile and identify where to find them.
4 Sales and Marketing Strategy Differentiate the company and role to attract candidates. Decide who will engage candidates initially.
5 Implement Interview Process Establish a consistent and legally compliant interview process.
6 Schedule Interviews Coordinate between company stakeholders and candidates to set up interviews.
7 Objective Candidate Comparison Develop a system for objectively comparing candidates based on predetermined criteria.
8 Offer and Negotiation Draft offer letters, negotiate salary, and keep second-choice candidates engaged.
9 Project Management Assign a point person to manage all these steps and see the project through to completion.

The 9-Step Hiring Process

1. Define the Hiring Project

Key Takeaway: Knowing what you need is the first step in a successful hiring project. Tom emphasizes the importance of clearly defining the roles and responsibilities required for your food brand’s success.

2. Create Job Essentials

Key Takeaway: Crafting a compelling job description and competitive salary range is crucial. Tom suggests incorporating industry-specific skills and qualifications to attract top-tier talent.

3. Develop a Sourcing Strategy

Key Takeaway: Tom advises using a mix of traditional job boards and industry-specific platforms to find candidates who are genuinely interested in the food sector.

4. Sales and Marketing Strategy

Key Takeaway: Your brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) should be front and center during the hiring process. Tom recommends creating a compelling narrative around your brand’s mission and values.

5. Implement a Rigorous Interview Process

Key Takeaway: Consistency is key. Tom stresses the importance of a structured interview process to ensure fair and objective evaluations.

6. Schedule Interviews

Key Takeaway: Tom suggests using scheduling software to streamline the process and avoid conflicts, especially when coordinating with busy stakeholders.

7. Objective Candidate Comparison

Key Takeaway: Tom recommends using data-driven methods, such as skills assessments and behavioral interviews, to objectively compare candidates.

8. Offer and Negotiation

Key Takeaway: Transparency and open communication are crucial during this stage. Tom advises setting clear expectations to facilitate smooth negotiations.

9. Project Management

Key Takeaway: Assign a point person to oversee the hiring project from start to finish. Tom emphasizes the importance of regular updates and check-ins to ensure everything stays on track.

Tips from Tom Forquer

  • Leverage Your Network: Use your industry connections to find potential candidates.
  • Cultural Fit is Key: Skills can be taught, but cultural fit is harder to change.
  • Keep Second Choices Engaged: Always have a backup plan in case your first-choice candidate declines the offer.


Mastering the hiring process is crucial for any food brand aiming for exponential growth. With insights from industry expert Tom Forquer, you’re well on your way to building a team that aligns with your brand’s mission and values.

đź“ž Contact Tom Forquer: For more in-depth advice tailored to your business, you can reach out to Tom at Solution Harbor, Inc. or LinkedIn. He specializes in recruiting for roles ranging from Presidents to CFOs in the food industry.

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