From Europe with Love: The Cheese That’s About to Disrupt Your Local Supermarket

In the age of globalization, the food market is ripe for disruption. And what’s more disruptive than merging European craftsmanship with American convenience? As part of my ongoing consultancy in food strategy, I recently had the pleasure of meeting a visionary cheese company owner from Europe. The discussion centered on how to successfully import, package, and distribute European cheese to U.S. supermarkets. Surprisingly, this international collaboration was initiated over two years ago, thanks to the power of YouTube.

The Genesis: YouTube, A Modern Matchmaker

In today’s digital age, the ways we connect and collaborate are incredibly diverse. My YouTube channel, where I regularly share insights into food market strategies, became the bridge between two continents. The content resonated with a European entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to expand and understood the unique perspective that we offer clients. Yes, you read it right—a YouTube channel can be the spark for disrupting an entire industry.

The Challenges: Distribution and Logistics

  1. Import Regulations: The cheese market has its own set of import regulations, including quality checks and customs work.
  2. Bulk Shipping: Importing cheese in bulk quantities requires specialized storage and transportation to maintain its quality.
  3. Location-Specific Challenges: Certain states are more effective and have different rules and consumer preferences that need to be considered.

The Opportunities: Packaging and Market Focus

  1. Packaging Innovations: The U.S. market has a growing appetite for sustainable packaging. Our discussion delved into the possibilities of innovative packaging that can resonate with eco-conscious consumers.
  2. Target Markets: Geographically, certain U.S. markets are more open to international flavors. Focusing on these markets initially can offer a smoother entry into the broader U.S. market.

The Interpreter: The Unsung Hero

Language barriers can often be stumbling blocks in international collaborations. A skilled interpreter played a pivotal role in our meeting, ensuring that every nuance was captured.

The Future: Disruption is Coming

The wheels are in motion to bring an unprecedented blend of European quality and American convenience to your local supermarket. As we work through the intricacies of distribution, packaging, and market focus, we’re one step closer to altering the U.S. cheese landscape forever.


This meeting reinforced my belief that the food market is a playground for innovation and disruption. From YouTube channels to skilled interpreters, every component plays a crucial role in shaping the future. Stay tuned as we embark on this exciting journey to bring “From Europe with Love” to your local supermarket aisle.

Who is Tim“Hi I’m Tim, and I love the food business! I’ve been helping large and small companies and entrepreneurs achieve success for decades. My consulting projects have contributed to major successes for my clients, including many with 100%+ year-over-year growth rates. I enjoy sharing my expertise, and hope you find these blog posts enlightening. Please reach out to me with any questions or comments.”

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