From Fairgrounds to Fortune: The Untapped Potential of State Fairs for Food Brands!

By Tim Forrest, Transforming Food Brands with Over $20M Raised and Nearly $1B in Growth

As the last week of summer unfolds, many of us are soaking up the sun, enjoying barbecues, and reminiscing about the Fourth of July celebrations that seem like they were just yesterday. While fireworks and family gatherings are quintessential summer experiences, there’s another American tradition that offers a golden opportunity for food brands: State Fairs.

Why State Fairs Are a Goldmine for Food Brands

State Fairs are not just a playground for food enthusiasts; they’re a treasure trove of opportunities for Food Manufacturers. These events offer immediate cash flow, invaluable real-time consumer feedback, and a direct connection with a broad audience. What’s more, they allow for ‘paid sampling,’ one of the most cost-effective marketing methods in the USA.

Iconic Foods Born at State Fairs:

  • Dr. Pepper
  • Iced Tea
  • Cracker Jacks
  • Dano’s Seasonings
  • Hot Dogs
  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Root Beer
  • Hamburgers

The Dano’s Seasoning Success Story

One brand that has leveraged the power of State Fairs is Dano’s Seasoning. Starting from humble beginnings at various events and State Fairs, Dano’s Seasoning is now a household name, stocked in over 30,000 retail locations. This real-world example underscores the transformative potential of State Fairs for food brands aiming to disrupt legacy categories.

The Logistics: What You Need to Know


The first hurdle is often the application process. Each State Fair has its unique requirements, deadlines, and space availability. If you’re considering selling common items like drinks and popcorn, think again! Organizers are on the lookout for innovative, unique, and creative offerings.


Your booth is more than just a sales point; it’s a branding opportunity. Consider the following elements:

  • Booth Design and Signage
  • Uniforms and Personnel
  • Sampling and Product Offering
  • Products and Menu Options
  • Flyers, Coupons, and Building Repeat Business
  • Directing Consumers to Retailers

Selling & Consumer Feedback

How will you manage inventory, handle cash quickly, and serve a long line of eager customers? State Fairs also offer a unique opportunity to gather consumer feedback, which can be invaluable for product development and marketing strategies.

Connection & Post-Event Strategy

Your booth should echo your brand’s retail packaging and overall aesthetic. Consider handing out coupons directing consumers to your website or social media pages. Collecting email addresses for future marketing is also crucial.

The Payoff

The real win comes in the form of repeat business. Some brands have even incorporated State Fair themes into their packaging and branding. Use the emails collected to nurture relationships and encourage future purchases.

Final Thoughts

State Fairs can be a launchpad for your food brand, offering exposure to millions of potential consumers. As we wrap up this summer season, now is the perfect time to start planning for next year’s events. Who knows, your product could be the next American food icon!

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