Tim Forrest Consulting is Fighting Child Labor

Have you dreamed of making a difference in the world and helping those around you? Amlan Ganguly founded and leads the team at Prayasam in Calcutta, India. He quit his job as an attorney to bring forth his revolutionary ideas to fight poverty and childhood labor. In 2015, Tim Forrest Consulting was fortunate to be inspired by Amlan to assist and provide guidance and leadership in the opening of the vocational catering school, Prasaad. Our ongoing support is helping children attend school that normally would not attend but instead work in the brick kilns around Calcutta.

Thank you for considering Tim Forrest Consulting for your CPG company needs. In 2015, we began supporting the efforts of Prayasam in Kolkata, India (Calcutta) with expert guidance and financial support. To date, Tim Forrest Consulting has provided seven complete scholarships for children that work as brick kiln laborers to attend school for the first time. Our immediate goal is to fill an entire classroom with former child laborers. It’s exciting to acknowledge that your support of Tim Forrest Consulting directly benefits these kids to attend school for the first time.

In addition to the scholarships, Tim Forrest Consulting developed the vocational food training program and more than 30 students have participated. In 2019, The American Centre, a part of the State Department and Embassy in India, awarded the school with a one year contract.

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