Celebrating 100,000 Views: Explore the @TimForrestConsulting YouTube Channel

In the vibrant landscape of YouTube, where culinary creativity and business acumen intersect, a unique channel has emerged as a guiding star. @TimForrestConsulting, spearheaded by renowned food marketing consultant Tim Forrest, is celebrating a remarkable milestone: 100,000 views!

A Pioneer Since 2007

Launched in 2007, this channel has led the way in food growth and CPG business strategy, not only in content but in vision. Tim Forrest has been a trailblazer, opening new paths for food entrepreneurs, seasoned business owners, and curious minds alike.

A Feast of Content

With almost 2,000 subscribers and over 200 enriching videos, @TimForrestConsulting has served a full-course meal of strategy, insights, and inspiration. Topics covered include:

  • How to develop a food marketing strategy
  • How to find retail partners for your food product
  • How to create effective marketing materials
  • How to price your food product
  • How to build a successful food business

Tim’s engaging interviews with industry experts add another flavor to this rich palette.

Beyond the Numbers

While the channel’s top 10 videos alone have amassed over 120,000 in real views, the real success lies in the community Tim has cultivated. This is a space where complex concepts are simplified, where challenges are turned into opportunities, and where every viewer is invited to be part of the journey.

100,000 Views and Growing

The celebration of the official YouTube 100,000 count is not merely a number; it’s a testament to the channel’s impact, reach, and resonance with its audience. It’s a milestone that reflects a legacy of excellence and a commitment to empowering the food industry.

Join the Community

Are you a food entrepreneur, business owner, or someone intrigued by the world of food marketing? @TimForrestConsulting is your destination. Here’s what awaits you:

  • Knowledge from a charismatic and experienced presenter
  • Well-produced, informative videos
  • A thriving community of like-minded individuals

The channel’s most popular videos include:

  • How to Get Your Food Product into Stores
  • How to Price Your Food Product
  • How to Create a Food Marketing Plan
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Food Marketing
  • How to Build a Successful Food Business


100,000 views mark a significant milestone in the journey of @TimForrestConsulting. This is not just about views; it’s about vision, community, and transformative strategies. Visit the YouTube channel, and become part of a community that’s reshaping the food industry, one insightful video at a time.

Who is Tim“Hi I’m Tim, and I love the food business! I’ve been helping large and small companies and entrepreneurs achieve success for decades. My consulting projects have contributed to major successes for my clients, including many with 100%+ year-over-year growth rates. I enjoy sharing my expertise, and hope you find these blog posts enlightening. Please reach out to me with any questions or comments.”

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