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Mastering the Art of Selling to Costco Wholesale: Your Comprehensive Guide

Are you ready to take your food product to the next level and get it onto Costco's shelves? As a seasoned food industry consultant with over 35 years of experience, I've helped numerous clients navigate the complex world of selling to Costco Wholesale. In this comprehensive guide, I'll share my insider knowledge and proven strategies

Unlocking Club Store Success: A Deep Dive into Warehouse Retail Dynamics The world of warehouse clubs like Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's presents unique opportunities and challenges for food brands. In my video "Club Store Food Success with Tim Forrest," I share insights from decades of experience in this specialized retail sector. Here are the key points to understand: The Warehouse Club Model Warehouse

Cracking the Club Store Code: Insider Tips for Food Industry Success Club stores like Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's Wholesale represent a unique and lucrative opportunity for food brands. In my video "Tips on How to Sell to Club Stores," I share insights gleaned from over 35 years in the food industry, including activating 22 vendors into successful club store suppliers. Here are some

The Costco Vendor’s Playbook: From Startup to Selling Millions Becoming a Costco vendor isn't just about having a great product—it's about understanding the unique ecosystem of this retail giant. In my video "Sell to Costco Wholesale: Become a Vendor and Sell Millions Like My Clients," I share insider strategies that have helped my clients raise over $20M and achieve $1B in growth.


Welcome to the Tim Forrest Consulting Guide to US Food Importing  and FDA compliance. Importing food products into the US market can open new opportunities for food businesses, expanding your offerings and market reach. However, navigating FDA import regulations, customs procedures, and compliance requirements can be challenging. This guide simplifies the import process,

How I Navigate FDA Compliance to Smoothly Launch Your Food Products in the U.S. Market

By Tim Forrest, Founder of Tim Forrest Consulting Entering the U.S. food market presents a lucrative opportunity for international brands, yet it requires navigating complex regulatory hurdles. With over three decades of industry experience, I have honed a systematic approach to FDA compliance, ensuring a seamless market launch for your products. Here’s a detailed look

7 Steps I Use to Guarantee a Seamless U.S. Entry for International Food Brands

  By Tim Forrest, Founder of Tim Forrest Consulting As a seasoned expert in navigating the complexities of importing into the U.S. food market, I've developed a meticulous seven-step process that ensures international food brands can successfully enter and launch in the United States. Here’s how I guide your brand through each phase, leveraging over

Unlocking the Power of ERP Systems in the Food Industry

In this insightful video, join Tim as he delves into an enlightening discussion with David Ogilvie, a renowned expert in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and supply chain management. We explore the transformative impact of ERP systems on food businesses, offering invaluable insights for entrepreneurs and brand managers. Key Highlights: • Essential KPIs:

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